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{September 6, 2008}   I sorry but i might have to

ok guys that last post was a HUGE step and i dont want to but im quiting and making a new blog its gonna be called a bite of jamie’s life and ill ask sum1 for a custom header it will be a little while before its opened but…it will eventually i just want a fresh new start with blogging when i make it ill give you the link Byyyye! from jamie…for the last time on this blog


{September 1, 2008}   If youve noticed…..

ok this blog is about to get major changes such as:it will now be called,Jamies Life sized blog and im changing the theme im making these changes because i never ever post about club penguin anymore but that doesnt mean i wont still go on cp im making a meet me on cp page and there you can set up a time day and place to meet me on cp! example: date:1-1-01 time:8:00 pst pm server/place:beanie dock. well by the time you see this post i will have made all the changes i said i would! byyyyyyyyyye!

Update: I am making the blog a video blog sooo there will be a video in each posts usaully related to cp

{August 27, 2008}   Sooo wanna party saturday night?

Yes there’s no correction needed i will be having public partys on highly populated servers or,if ya want…a private party with me and funguin (maybe) as special guests!!! this is our awesome party for all of yall and i want sumthin 4 us NOT just me just so u know im very sorry for not posting on my site lately i just started 4THgrade so im like really busy bee so ill be lucky if i do post! anyways ill post <maybe> l8r

{August 22, 2008}   New Video

this is another one by miley but someone else named Lexy Hartline is performing it and her brother Sean Hartline is filming it Lexy and Sean are very good and Lexy has a awesome future ahead of her and rate this well I love this video it’s really good in affects and stuffanyways please watch rate and put it on my Cool videos page PLEASE!!Byyyyyyez!

{August 21, 2008}   Cool videos page is open

Cool videos page is open everyone! go to it i’m excited! and as you all know i live in texas so i start school soon and todays meet-the-teacher day and ill be in gifted talented and it’ll be very hard to post on the site thats why back in march i stopped posting for a VERY long time and ill try to post this year but if i can’t you know why lol! anyways go to the page and rate this video:(on this post if you do it on another post i’ll delete it)

i hope you like the video byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyez!

{August 19, 2008}   hey good news and im back news

OK i haven’t posted in a long time but my hard-rive on my computer blew we have no idea why but the computer not the monitor is VERY VERY old we’ve had it like 10 or 15 years but anyways its really old and now we have a VERY small hard-rive of 10 gigabytes isn’t that great! *sarcastically* yeah our other broken hard-rive had 40 gigabytes and thats not very big but it held adobe media player and stuff like that and id like to give you a suggestion about your internet browsers use mozilla firefox its what im using now and it blocks that stuff that gives your computer viruss’ and yeah and anays we almost have 300 views now were having HUGE party after we get it if we have a 300 200 100 hits bash its gonna be HUGE comment if your going please im like extra phsched right now and in case you dont know already my birthdays coming up on the 30th and im gonna be 9 years old anyways ill post more later I PROMISE *raises right hand* im telling the truth and nothing but the truth.lol byyyyyez!

Edit from jamie-please comment if your going and i promise ill be there if im not able to ill tell you ahead of time and move it to the next day another time ok guys byyyyyyyyyyyez!

{August 14, 2008}   cool video

ok this video is really cool im making a page called cool vids later on today and i LOVE that show marys in troooouble like literally its bad and its a special soooo anyways watch the video bye!

{August 11, 2008}   change in time

hey the party will now be at 12:00 pst bye!

{August 9, 2008}   hey! party!!!

im having a party its on a not very pop server so i cant miss it accidentally heres my info:

server icicle

place town

time 4:00 pst

why i love party’s and i missed the last 2

who me redagirl888 and every viewer of this site

date:monday the 4th

{July 31, 2008}   Extended party!!

Hey we have a EXTENDED PARTY on our hands! It’s awesome I wasn’t here here the middle of the party so tha’s awesome to!I like talking in in color it’s a cool feature and anyone who needs hired or wants to hire please do i really wanna create my hobby even more I’m not closing this blog till I move next year but thats a long time from now! Anyways when I do move I’ll miss you but I’m not moving until I’m going into 4th so bye

Jamiegirl-I’ll miss you!

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